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In just a few short months, my sophomore year of college will begin and with that I can say goodbye to dorms-I’m moving up to an apartment!

In my college city, apartments and houses are ridiculously cheaper than any dorm or student housing. On top of having my own kitchen or bathroom, I’ll be getting my own room for the first time in my life. You heard me. For the. First. Time.

See, I’ve shared a room since I was practically born-what with my sister back home and then my college roommate. It’s been a rough, crowded life dear readers but no more!

I am eagerly awaiting my move in date and I’m using these summer months to prepare and plan for independent living. The living room and kitchen will be a shared space with my new roomie, styledbysteph96 (go and say hi!). For my own bedroom though, most of my inspiration is coming from Pinterest or other bloggers.

My color scheme is kind of all over the place. I am loving the coral and pink shades in this living room, but I am also attracted to more minimal styles as well.

bedroom inspoAgain, coral and pink are making an appearance but the large quantities of black and white give the room a more approachable, chic attitude. With a college budget, this might be the way to go.

Master-bedroom-with-light-fixtureBlogger Homemade by Carmona has an interesting take on the black and white look, with pops of mustard and gold. I love the gallery wall and will definitely need one of my own.

The Everygirl NYC Fizz 56 Apartment Shoot by Michelle Lange Photographer
The Everygirl NYC Fizz 56 Apartment Shoot by Michelle Lange Photographer

This wall makes use of a crowded space but doesn’t appear cluttered or overwhelming. I’m loving the bright orange and other colors, but the muted neutrals like the gray blanket and black frames keep it down to earth.

What do you think? Should I take a budgeted approach and go for minimal or shoot for the stars and attack with color? I’m thinking of a combination effort, like the above gallery wall. Expect to see some DIY’s soon! I would love to hear your opinions, how have you styled your room?


Summer Resolutions

So I may have had two wine coolers tonight which is making me feel very mushy and honest…and I might also be packing up my dorm at the moment so the procrastination is fo’real! Which is why I’m dedicating my time to writing this blog post 🙂

I found a stack of fashion magazines I never bothered to read and it has me inspired. Real talk, when I start something: an art project, a blog, a novel, whatever, I often put it off but then feel guilty about anything that reminds me of it so I end up avoiding the very thing that inspired me to strike up the idea in the first place. That’s partially why I haven’t been reading my magazines. Which is bad. Don’t do that readers. Don’t avoid what you love.

But I want to stop that and summer is here. I’m all about seasonal resolutions (like new years!) and the upcoming season is perfect for that.

So: Summer Resolutions!

  1. My Own Style

I want to find 3 unique clothing items this summer that I absolutely love, regardless of current trends or fashion. I’m looking for pieces that are timeless and will really define me and I want 3 of them. If they scare me or have me vaguely worried about wearing them out in public then GOOD.
summer finds

I’m really digging decade throwbacks. I’ll be keeping my eye out for anything lace or fringe, stuff that feels very 70’s. I have a pair of boyfriend jeans in my closet that I want to finally wear and I’ll be on the hunt for bell bottoms because they are coming back! Yes! You too can take embarrassing photos in flared jeans for your children to mock and question. Our time is now readers, embrace the roomy pants leg.
2. Finish some TV
          I am a serious Netflix hog and I think I’ll take this summer to catch up on some much needed television (what, you thought my resolution would be to exercise?)
THE VAMPIRE DIARIESGossip-Girl-season-4-poster-600x345I have been binge watching Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl like crazy so I resolve to finish both series over my summer break. Both shows already have my head spinning with fashion and blog ideas.
3. Apartment Finds
             The break can’t last forever. This upcoming school year, I’ll be staying in an apartment, not a dorm. I already have some decorations planned and the apartment comes furnished, but I still need to get a lot of your average appliances and house stuff to make it liveable. So I’ll be scoping out garage sales and thrift stores to do just that.
garage-saleExpect more posts to follow on the subject. I’m really excited about having my own room and kitchen for the first time. This summer will be great for preparing for it.
Do you have any summer resolutions? Let me know in the comments!

New Youtube Adventure

Guys!! I teamed up with Stephanie from styledbysteph96 to create a kickass youtube channel! Check out our first video, its sure to be great for Spring look ideas. Comment below and tell me what you think, or what videos you want to see.

Alternatives to Coffee

ogs-latte-to-go-166x220I love a caffeine push just like anyone else but sometimes I just want to change it up. The occasional latte is okay but I have the terrible habit of adding so much sugar and cream that coffee is just no longer coffee.

So for the mornings where I don’t want to load up on calories or I’m just looking for something different, these are my go to alternatives.

                    1. Energy Drinks

Red-Bull-Editions-2015Are they healthy? Eh. Do they taste good? Debatable. I personally love energy drinks, but just for when I am needing a real wake up call. The sugar and chemicals don’t make it any healthier than coffee but it can be more effective. I’m personally a big fan of the flavored Red Bulls. The ones on the left are zero calories, so they are a nice go to if I’m in a hurry but still want to avoid unnecessary calories. Still, energy drinks shouldn’t be an every day thing-so lets look at other options 🙂

2. V8 Energy 

home_product_shotThese are a great compromise for people who want an energy drink but want to keep it natural or more chemical free. V8’s taste just like light fruit juice but with added caffeine. The calories are low, just 50 for the fusion+energy combos. These are great for an afternoon pick me up. They have more caffeine than the average cup of tea but less than coffee, so you won’t crash later or be stuck feeling wide awake late into the evening.

4E5B9938-CB00-AAAF-408B-BE0EC4A3B764I am a huge fan of the mixed berry but they’ve recently introduced a wild cherry flavor that I’m in love with as well. Their small size is perfect too! Its super easy to slip one of these into my bag before class for later.

                      3. Tea


For the truly health conscious or those with a little extra time in the mornings, tea a perfect morning pick me up! I am a huge tea fan and the options are endless here. I’m a fan of a good breakfast or black tea. Again, I like to add sugar and milk but its less than that in a latte so I feel better.

However if sugar is not your thing, a bit of lemon or honey goes a long way. In addition to black teas, Green tea is a great caffeine booster as well.

                      4. Water!


Sometimes caffeine isn’t the best fix all when you’re feeling a little run down. Maybe you’re dehydrated! Ice water is sure to make you feel refreshed and alert.

Picture - Rick Wilson   Dept. News   2-3-04 Bottled water survey

Bottle, tap, or filtered: Just give yourself a few minutes break and water is sure to help you out. Staying hydrated through out the day is a great way to fight fatigue or sugar cravings. If you’re really seeking a kick in the gear, I always recommend La Croix.


Coming in multiple flavors, this sparking water offers sharp carbonation and no sugar flavors that always wake me up. Seriously, I have a can in my hand right now. These all natural waters are known to keep people on track-many alcoholics or smokers trying to quit actually use them to stem cravings while dieters love them for being a healthy alternative to soda.They’re perfect in offices or college dorms for late night projects or for an outside picnic in the park.

What’s your caffeine go to? I’m always looking for new ways to get my energy fix so let me know!

Adventures in Procrastination

         So I was sitting in a study room the other night and instead of *gasp* studying, I went ahead and replicated my outfit on Polvyore.
Adventures in Procrastination
Absolutely no work was done but I felt productive and that feeling is exactly why I am writing today-for the illusion of accomplishment!
Finals are coming up so my need to actually study is only going to increase. I’m sure many of you can relate, with school or work. So this outfit is just for you!
  •    Start with a sassy white t-shirt, I recommend the ones from Forever 21. This will remind everyone that you are just too cool for the work you are about to or are pretending to do. Establish dominance. Show that work that you are not afraid of it!
  •           Add a colorful cardigan to class things up again-because on top of witty t-shirts, you are in fact a sophisticated and intelligent adult. The cardigan says that. It has buttons.
  •          The jeans still keep everything Casual Friday, even on a sad Monday in the library so that’s nice too.
  •           Your last bit of flare is the shoes. I had on all black sneakers from Target for that comfy vibe, but leather booties would have paired nicely too.
I am currently in my room with fuzzy batman pants, no makeup, and a ratty sweatshirt. I still have a major essay to write but maybe slouchy pjs and cold coffee is the magic outfit for actually accomplishing something…who knows!
          Let me know your study outfit go to’s, or any helpful tips and tricks! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Amusement Park #1

Amusement Park #1

Shirts top

Ted Baker black floral shorts
$67 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Bracelet jewelry
$5.95 – ringsandtings.com

Round metal sunglasses

Lip treatment

Amusement Park #2

Amusement Park #2

Denim shorts

Vans black saddle shoes

H M flap bag
$37 – hm.com

Lip treatment

Sun Bum sun care